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Atmosphere Space Converter
Takes air from the atmosphere and converts it in space to unlimited
Water Oxygen and Liquid Co2 
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Atmosphere Space Converter from Spitty Space.
Spitty Atmosphere Space Converter 

Taking air from the atmosphere with Spitty Advanced Air Pump. This is then sent to Spitty Atmosphere Space converter. Moisture from the air is then converter to unlimited water. Unlimited Oxygen, Unlimited Co2 Propulsion. All are sent to 2000 storage tanks at Spitty Space Station. Spitty Space Drones will then deliver unlimited oxygen and water to the Moon, Mars, and all space vehicles and space stations. Spitty docking will enable all to dock and resupply 24/ The one-stop shop for utilities in space.

Liquid Co2 Atmosphere converter able to scale up and remove billions of tonnes of Co2 from Earth's atmosphere. This is then sent via Spitty Co2 bubbles to Moon and Mars to help create atmospheric conditions.


10 Billion Pound Space Station
10 Billion Pound Space Station

Centre Section

  1. Debris Shield. Spitty AI Space Drones will collect all space debris. This is then used for recycling and Debris Shield. The debris shield helps protect the core body from out space.

  2. Solar Power Station  Power Station is planned to last over a thousand years. New Spitty Regenerating Power Cells, with multi-backup power cells for total reliability. New technology will help Earth's sustainability in power stations.

  3. Quantum banking with Quantum Computing in space. New Space currency with new business facilities. Register your business in space on our space stations. All business facilities offered and more.

  4. Space Stock Exchange. New space trading system offering the most efficient competitive tech platform for all globally.

  5. Spitty AI Drone facility. Manufacturing, Servicing, Refuelling, Delivery service of Oxygen, Water, Liquid Co2 and all goods servicing. Delivery to all space stations, Moon and Mars. Collection and recycling of all Debris in space.

  6. Atmosphere Space Converter to Storage tanks. This pumps air from the atmosphere and converts to water, oxygen, Liquid Co2.

  7. The Co2 Atmosphere filter is able to scaleup to take Billions of tonnes of Co2 out of the atmosphere and sent to the Moon and Mars to help in atmosphere creation.



Left Section

  1. Largest Spitty Solar farm in history. New Spitty solar cells are manufactured on new space fabric. The huge surplus energy will then be sent to earth able to power a small country.

  2. Space Batteries. upto 2000 detachable Storage / rechargeable Spitty Batteries available for all space vehicles, space stations, Moon, and Mars.

  3. Water Tanks. Upto 2000 detachable refillable water tanks. Docking stations to refill or water tanks delivered to other space stations, Moon, Mars, and all space vehicle’s

  4.  Oxygen  Tanks. Upto 2000 detachable refillable Oxygen tanks. Docking stations to refill or oxygen tanks delivered to other space stations, Moon, Mars, and all space vehicles

  5. Docking stations throughout to be able to multi dock all as an oasis in space. We estimate hundreds and maybe thousands in the near future.



Right Section

  1. Servicing and Repairs by 1000 Spitty AI Drones. Phase one Spitty AI Drones to manufacture new Spitty AI drones in Space. On completion of manufacturing AI Drones will  manufacture all in space from Space Labs to Solar Space farms to Space Stations

  2. Docking stations up to 500 for all spacecraft, large or small.

  3. Space Debris collection and recycling centres all serviced by Spitty AI Space Drones.

  4. EMP protected Space Station to protect from any solar event and any nuclear events

  5. Medical and Survival Pods for emergencies. Can be despatched to any Space Station, Moon or Mars.

  6. Optional Spitty Space Resort and Real Estate. Bespoke Designs available

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