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Spitty Mother AI Space Drones
AI mothering nurturing drones that clean up debris and recycle. Repairing and maintaining satellites and space craft. CLICK HERE for details.
Spitty Quantum Inertia Propulsion Shell
Proposed R&D proof of concept at NQCC for 3 month study. On this discovery we will create and discover new advanced materials for sustainable space and Earth.  CLICK HERE  for details.
Spitty EMP Protected Satellites
Advanced EMP protection against solar flaress. New advanced communications systems for 5 million Spitty mixed use drones globally CLICK HERE  for details.
Spitty Sustainable Housing
Using Space Sustainable Advanced Materials, combined with sustainable traditional stone and wood CLICK HERE  for details.
Spitty Anti Gravity Planes 
Developing Anti Gravity Planes and infrastructure  CLICK HERE  for details.
Spitty Anti Gravity Propulsion Shell
Making the impossible, possible #AntiGravityMan CLICK HERE  for details.
Spitty Advanced Materials Space Lab
Moon and Space manufacturing testing centre   CLICK HERE  for details.
Space University 
UK Space University focusing on under 5. Developing the space people of the future   CLICK HERE  for details.
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