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Atmosphere Space Converter will supply free to all in space unlimited Water, Oxygen, and Liquid CO2 in Space. Richard Reynolds founder of Spitty Space said " If we are truly to be sustainable in space we must enable satellites and spacecraft to remain working in space indefinitely and supplying 20 x Spitty Space Stations in development. To catapult  Space Manufacturing with the essence of life free to all in space". This will enable rapid expansion in space.

Richard Reynolds wants to be remembered as the founder of life in space. To enable families to live and work in space. To be a founding member of a new Space Federation. To support life in space with free unlimited Water and Oxygen.

To filter Billions of tonnes of Co2 for Liquid Co2 for space propulsion. The ultimate in sustainability. 

Atmosphere Space Converter will take air from the atmosphere and convert it in space to unlimited Water, Oxygen, and Liquid Co2 This will supply all sustainable spacecraft.

Spitty Space will be the Utilities of Space Details CLICK HERE

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