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Spitty  Advanced Materials Space Lab

Fully Sustainable Carbon Neutral in space,  Moon and on Earth

Spitty Advanced Materials Space Lab.jpg

Spitty Advanced Materials Space Lab

Spitty Moon Manufacturing Testing Giga hanger

Spitty  Advanced Materials Space lab as part of Spitty Moon Manufacturing Testing Giga Hanger

Research and Development discovering and creating new and advanced space materials. Huge benefits for a sustainable earth.


Stronger lighter cheaper materials on Earth. Spitty Construction both commercial and housing. All sustainable carbon-neutral buildings Huge impact for the world

New aviation era with new Spitty advanced materials aircraft and infrastructure. Pushing the boundaries helps to save the world from global warming. 

Creating new sustainable food manufacturing production. 

Advancements in food production and nutrition in space and on the moon are a precursor colonizing Mars. This has huge potential for feeding Earth. Fully sustainable carbon neutral carbon-neutral buildings and processes.

This is not just a billion pound opportunity but a chance to feed the world at a fraction of the cost. We at Spitty know we can help with global warming and help save our planet. 


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