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Spitty Anti Gravity Planes

Spitty Anti Gravity Freight. Feeding the world.

Spitty Anti Gravity Freight

Anti Gravity Planes Infrastructure

Anti Gravity Plane Corridors 

Most food costs are from transporting food with a high carbon footprint. Imagine a world with Anti Gravity, that reduces costs dramatically. Spitty is creating a world where everyone can afford, good fresh food. Carbon friendly to our fragile Earth.

Passenger travel at a fraction of the cost, boosting business worldwide.

Spitty is designing new exciting Anti Gravity planes and airports.

Anti Gravity Infrastructure, with newly designed inexpensive planes, that cost a fraction to operate. New low-cost Airports of the future are being designed now.

Spitty Air Freight Corridors worldwide. Creating a continuous supply of food and supplies globally. #SpittyAntGravityPlanes #SpittyAntiGravityPropulsionShell

#SpittySpace #SpittyAntiGravityPlanes #SpittyAntiGravityShell 

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