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Spitty Atmosphere Space Converter

Taking air from the atmosphere with Spitty Advanced Air Pump. This is then sent to Spitty Atmosphere Space converter. Moisture from the air is then converter to unlimited water. Unlimited Oxygen, Unlimited Co2 Propulsion. All are sent to 2000 storage tanks at Spitty Space Station. Spitty Space Drones will then deliver unlimited oxygen and water to the Moon, Mars, and all space vehicles and space stations. Spitty docking will enable all to dock and resupply 24/ The one-stop shop for utilities in space.

Liquid Co2 Atmosphere converter able to scale up and remove billions of tonnes of Co2 from Earth's atmosphere. This is then sent via Spitty Co2 bubbles to Moon and Mars to help create atmospheric conditions.

Spitty Atmosphere Space Converter

  1. Atmosphere Space converter draws air from the earth's atmosphere via a spitty air.


   2.This is then pumped in a continuous flow via 2 tubes / pipes  to converter in space/orbit


  3. Moisture is converted into unlimited water and set to storage tanks at Spitty Space Station


 4. Oxygen is sent to storage tanks at Spitty Space Station


 5. Co2 is converted into Liquid Co2 for Space propulsion for Spitty Drones and other Space propulsion vehicles 


 6. Co2 Atmosphere Filter. Able to scale up and take billions of tonnes of Co2 out of the atmosphere for a cleaner sustainable earth. Co2 is then sent via a Spitty Co2 Space bubble to Mars or the moon in our quest to create atmospheres off planet earth.


For use with

Spitty Space Station

For enquiries contact #SpittyAtmosphereSpaceConverter #SASC Email  

Whatsapp 07761950724


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