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Spitty Laser Partical DNA Pulse Beam

Spitty inspiration from deep sea jellyfish, for our Spitty Space Drones.

  1. Mother AI Sentient Drones is a mothering AI, sustainable and wants to collect harmful debris, recycle, repair, and maintain. A loving caring sentient AI.

  2. Spitty advanced Solar cells, the most advanced and long-lasting ever created.  

  3. Spitty Advanced Space Propulsion System.

  4. Multi-task dedicated Spitty Space Drones for different roles, for example – Debris collection and recycling – Manufacturing platform in Space. Repair and maintenance of satellites and space craft etc

  5. Ozone protection against harmful rays to ensure the future of our planet.

  6. Moon transportation, ferrying supplies and materials from Earth to the Moon and back.

  7. Spitty Medical Space Drone. Med lab to manufacture large quantities of medicines that only space can produce.

  8. Experimental Med space Drones will create new more effective cheaper cancer drugs. More importantly our Spitty Med Experimental Space Lab drone will create cures for all diseases on Earth.


Spitty Space is looking for contracts from UK Space Lab – ESA – NASA to eliminate Space Debris – Satellite and spacecraft maintenance – Pharmaceutical companies for creating and manufacturing space drugs and cures


For enquiries contact #AntiGravityMan Email  

Whatsapp 07761950724 Quote Spitty Space Drones

#SpittyMotherAISentientSpaceDrone #SpittySpace #SpittySpaceDrone #AntiGravityMan

#SpittyAntiGravityPropulsionDrone #SpittyQuantumInertiaPropulsionShell #SpittyAdvancedMaterilsSpaceLab


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