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Spitty Space Drone Development

Spitty inspiration from deep sea jellyfish, for our Spitty Space Drones.

Spitty Space Drone

Spitty Space Drones are about developing a whole new revolutionary type of Space Drone. Fully sustainable with new technologies from our Spitty Advanced Materials Space Lab.

 Powered by new Sitty Solar Cells  with new Advanced Material Propulsion Systems.  


Spitty Space Drones are designed to have fully independent sustainable power source, that lasts 1000 years. Spitty Space is  sustainable space. 


Spitty AI Sentient Space Drones developed with Human AI Robotics, will create fully autonomous loving nurturing AI Drones. Ferrying raw materials and supplies from Earth and back. Developing a whole host of activities for a safer more meaningful

life in space. 

Spitty Anti Gravity Shell will enhance sustainability when on low gravity Moon and Mars

Spitty Anti Gravity Space Drones will be developed to transport from the Earth's surface to Spitty Space Departure lounge, in lower orbit. 

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