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Spitty Sustainable Housing

Using Space Sustainable Advanced Materials, combined with sustainable traditional stone and wood

Spitty Sustainable Housing
Spitty sustainable housing to last a
1000 years

Spitty Space Research and Development will create the most sustainable housing in the world.

Plans for 2024 to start with the world's most s

ustainable housing.

New Spitty Solar cells. Advanced Materials New tech Heat Pumps, Ground Pumps. Spitty Space Glass. Combined with sustainable traditional stone and wood. 

We must combine great-looking traditional styles that are great to live in and bring up our families.


  #SpittySpace #SpittyMoonPods #SpittyHousing

Spitty Moon Pods

Investments in our Sustainable Moon Pods will also hugely benefit sustainable earth housing.

Developing new Spitty Earth Pods, along with our Spitty Housing. we are looking for passionate people who love architecture, to be part of our future.

Environment must be a priority, protecting and enhancing wildlife within our homes for 1000 years 

We must build for the future, and not for now.

There is so much to celebrate in our natural world. 

We must take care of it, for our future on

Earth and beyond. 


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