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UK Space University

Space University to ensure the best of the best are based in UK CONTACT US

UK Space University
UK Space University

To ensure the UK is a leading space nation, we will have a world class space university.

Enrolment will be from birth. Parents will have the opportunity to enroll their children at any time.  Space University Baby Grows are available 

At Spitty Space, education should be fun and inspiring for all.  Fully inclusive with sustainable space at its core.

The continued flow of the best space scientists - Space Engineers - Astronauts - Space Mining - Space Habitats - Space Hospitality - Space Plumbers - Space Electrician's - EMP Space Scientists - Space Hotels - Space Flight Crews -Spitty Anti Gravity Scientists - Space Departure Lounge Crew - Space Cleaners etc

Spitty Manufacturing

Spitty Advanced Materials Space Lab.

Along with Space University, there will be Spitty Advanced Materials Space Lab. A huge fully sustainable hanger, that replicates the moon's surface, has the most advanced space testing facility on Earth.

The coolest structure you have ever seen. Space enthusiasts and space businesses will flock from all around the world, just to be in Space UK.

Spitty Sustainable Space with the world's best space talent will come from the UK.

From 5 year 5-year-old attending school for the first time. These are our Space Future This is our future.

#UKSpaceUniversity #SpittySpaceUniversity 

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